Variety:  Candide (S)

Species: Prunus armeniaca


Breeder, Place INRA, France
Intellectual property CEP Innovation, France
Type, Selection clone INFEL 4025
Property rights registered for EU plant variety rights


Blooming date, -intensity medium late to late flowering period, high to very high blossom density and a long blossom period
Fertility self-fertile
Frost susceptibility very low susceptibility of flower buds to winter frost


Ripening time mid-season, about 12 days after 'Orangenaprikose'
Scale, shape medium to large, ovoid shape with a pronounced apex, clear suture, very regular half-fruits
Colour intense yellow orange ground colour, up to 30 % shiny medium to dark red over colour, mainly speckled
Fruit flesh intense orange, medium firm with a very good texture, very juicy
Taste typical apricot flavour with low acidity
Cracking sensitivity relatively robust, fully ripe fruits tends to crack at the suture
Stone separability freestone
Storage good


Vigour medium to strong, semi-upright, very good even branching
Crop load regular high to very high


Candide (S) shows very high productivity from the beginning due to its late and prolonged blossom. This is the reason why flower bud frost damage only happens in rare cases. The self-fertility also supports the crop load. In France Candide (S) is recommended for organic growing because of its robustness.

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