Variety:  Iziagat (S)

Species: Prunus armeniaca


Breeder, Place INRA, France
Intellectual property CEP Innovation, France
Type, Selection clone INFEL A 4846
Property rights registered for EU plant variety rights


Blooming date, -intensity early to medium blossom period, ideal to high density
Fertility self-fertile


Ripening time medium, 10-12 days after 'Orangenaprikose'
Scale, shape medium, ellipsoid, moderate suture
Colour nearly 100 % crimson over colour
Fruit flesh intense orange to reddish, medium firm, as the fruit ripens the firmness dissipates fast, very juicy
Taste aromatic-spicy with balanced acidity in the velutinous fruit skin
Cracking sensitivity low tendency to rupture at the suture
Stone separability freestone
Storage good


Vigour medium to strong, semi-upright, good branching, large leaf with red veining and striking red shoot tips
Crop load ideal and even spread of fruits


Iziagat (S) ripens mid-season and has a red skin. This variety convinces with its taste as well as fruit-colouring. The rather high cracking resistance is special for red apricots. When presented together with classic orange coloured apricots in a fruit bowl, the unique character of this Rouge-Apricot is remarkable.

Please note the rapid ripening and short harvest period which are typical for Rouge-Apricots.

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