Variety:  Gartenaprikose

Species: Prunus armeniaca


Breeder, Place gräb gbr gehölze und obstbau, kettig, germany
Parents chance seedling
Property rights registered for EU trademark


Blooming date, -intensity medium late blossom period, ideal to high density
Fertility partially self-fertile
Pollinator BERGEVAL ™ Aviclo (S), Candide (S), Kioto (S), VANILLA COT ™ Select 98 (S), Jengat (S), Vertige (S), Bergeron, Frisson (S), CARMINGO ™ Faralia (S)
Frost susceptibility very low


Ripening time medium early, 6-9 days after 'Orangenaprikose'
Scale, shape medium large, ovoid with a little tip
Colour intense orange with an attractive red cheek
Fruit flesh intense orange, finely melting, very juicy
Taste sweet-aromatic, powerful and long-lasting aroma
Cracking sensitivity low
Stone separability freestone
Storage very good


Vigour weak to medium strong, semi-upright to spreading, weaker side shoots, even branching and adapted for central leader training, both tree and leaves remain healthy
Crop load from an early age ideal to high


SONNENSCHEIN ™ Gartenaprikose is a very attractive, productive and relatively cracking resistant apricot with excellent aroma. This variety is a highlight on direct farm sales with its exquisite fruit qualities. Due to its high sugar content it is suited for distilling and processing.

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