Trademark: SPRING BLUSH™

Variety:  EA 3126TH (S)

Species: Prunus armeniaca


Breeder, Place Pépinières Escande, Saint-Vite, France
Intellectual property Benoit Escande, Edition, France
Type, Selection clone INFEL 4329
Property rights registered for EU plant variety rights and trademark


Blooming date, -intensity early blossom period, medium to ideal density
Fertility self-sterile, inter-sterile with EARLY BLUSH™ Rutbhart (S)
Pollinator CARMINGO™ Pricia (S), TSUNAMI™ EA 5016 (S), PINKCOT™ Cotpy (S), PINK MARRY™, CARMINGO™ Mediabel (S), Flopria (S), Orangenaprikose, Robada (S), Goldrich, Iziagat (S), Harogem
Frost susceptibility medium susceptibility of flower buds to winter frost


Ripening time very early, 10-12 days before 'Orangenaprikose'
Scale, shape nearly medium large, rounded to ellipsoid, limited suture
Colour intense orange ground colour, up to 30 % light red over colour
Fruit flesh orange, at full maturity finely textured, very juicy
Taste sweet-aromatic with pronounced acidity in the skin
Cracking sensitivity very low
Stone separability freestone
Storage good


Vigour weak to medium strong, tree susceptible to winter frost
Crop load from an early age medium high yield


The early ripening apricot variety SPRING BLUSH™ EA 3126TH (S) harvests conveniently between TSUNAMI™ EA 5016 (S) and PINK MARRY™. A premature harvest can result in inferior fruit quality.

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