Trademark: TARDIF DE TAIN™


Species: Prunus armeniaca


Breeder, Place Michel Melquiond und Christian Delas, France
Intellectual property STAR FRUITS ®, France
Parents chance seedling
Type, Selection clone INFEL 2490
Property rights registered for EU trademark


Blooming date, -intensity late to very late blossom period, ideal to high density
Fertility self-fertile
Frost susceptibility low


Ripening time late, about one week after 'Bergeron'
Scale, shape medium large, rounded with a pronounced suture
Colour orange ground colour, on sunny side strong red speckled
Fruit flesh orange, very firm, very juicy
Taste spicy with balanced acidity
Cracking sensitivity medium
Stone separability freestone
Storage good


Vigour medium strong, semi-upright, good branching, compact crown
Crop load medium to high, regular


Late ripening apricot variety, which has a good crop load even in bad weather conditions as a result of the robust and late flowering. The fruit qualities are similar to 'Bergeron'. TARDIF DE TAIN™ convinces with higher cracking resistance, firm flesh and aromatic flavour.

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