Variety: Haidegg 13

Species: Sambucus nigra


Breeder, Place clone selection from Styria, Austria


Blooming date end of May/beginning of June
Fertility partially self-fertile, cross-pollination recommended
Pollinator Rubin, Haschberg


Ripening time mid/end of August
Scale heavy, large berries, flower head weight up to 200 g
Colour shiny blue black, high anthocyanin content
Utilisation flower heads for flower extract, fruits for juice making and dye extraction


Vigour very strong, therefore this variety is also suitable for poor soils
Crop load high and regular


Because of the large flower heads the picking rate is very high. Haidegg 13 ripens slightly earlier than the main variety 'Haschberg'. This extends the otherwise very dense harvest period. Because of the strong growth the cultivation is possible on poor soils, which are too weak for 'Haschberg'. Sun scald occurs on the berries in years with high solar radiation.


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