Variety: Haschberg

Species: Sambucus nigra


Breeder, Place clone selection from Klosterneuburg, Austria
Parents naturally grown in the Danube region


Blooming date end of May/beginning of June
Fertility self-fertile


Ripening time from end of August until early September, irregular ripening in the case of vigorous growth, for fruit bunches which ripen unevenly 2-3 picks are necessary
Scale medium large, obloid to globose
Colour shiny black red, high to very high dye content
Utilisation flower heads for blossom essence, fruits for juice making and dye extraction


Vigour medium strong, vigorous annual shoots
Crop load high and regular


Haschberg is a medium strong growing variety with large fruit bunches, reliable productivity and versatile use. This variety needs to be monitored for uniformity and reselected accordingly.


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