Variety: Maicrest

Species: Prunus persica


Breeder, Place W. Y. Minami, Kalifornien, USA
Parents mutation of Springcrest
Type, Selection clone INFEL 4358
Property rights free variety


Blooming date, -intensity medium-early blossom period with medium to strong density
Fertility self-fertile
Flower shape rose shape
Frost susceptibility low to medium susceptibility to winter frost


Ripening time early, 2. peach week
Scale, shape medium large, rounded with a pronounced suture
Skin moderate woolly skin, easily removable
Colour yellow orange ground colour, 75-85 % washed-out to marbled red over colour
Fruit flesh pale yellow, melting fruit flesh when fully ripe, very juicy
Taste mild peach taste with balanced acidity
Stone separability partial freestone
Storage good


Vigour medium strong, semi-upright to spreading
Crop load medium crop load


Attractive, early ripening variety, which is well suited for the beginning of the season. The amount of split-stones in early ripening varieties is higher, depending on the weather.


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