Variety: Redhaven

Species: Prunus persica


Breeder, Place S. Johnston, South Haven, Michigan, USA
Parents Hale Haven x Kalhaven, commercially available since 1940
Type, Selection clone INFEL 3288; an early ripening mutation is 'Early Redhaven'
Property rights free variety


Blooming date, -intensity medium late blossom period, high to very high density
Fertility self-fertile
Flower shape bell shape
Frost susceptibility very low susceptibility of flower buds to winter frost


Ripening time medium, 6. peach week
Scale, shape medium to large, rounded, slightly oblong, limited suture
Skin strong to very strong woolly skin, robust, easily removable when fully ripe
Colour yellow ground colour, sunny side intense red, strong marbled over colour
Fruit flesh golden, medium firm, very juicy
Taste typical peach flavour with a well balanced sugar-acid ratio
Stone separability freestone
Storage good, travels well, mechanical sorting is possible when fruits are still underripe


Vigour medium strong, very compact habit, very good branching
Crop load from an early age regular high to very high


This classic and sturdy, yellow-fleshed variety adapts well to different sites. It has high and regular yields, the fruits are of outstanding quality and suitable for fresh eating as well as further processing. Because of the high yield thorough fruit-thinning is necessary to achieve good fruit size. The woolly skin can be easily removed, when the fruits are fully ripe.


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