Variety:  Zaimajal (S)

Species: Prunus persica


Breeder, Place Floyd Zaiger, California, USA
Intellectual property Artevos, Germany
Property rights registered for EU plant variety rights and trademark


Blooming date, -intensity late to very late blossom period, medium to ideal density
Fertility self-fertile
Flower shape rose shape
Frost susceptibility medium


Ripening time medium early, 3.-4. peach week, 10-12 days before 'Redhaven'
Scale, shape large to very large, rounded, slightly oblong, limited suture, deep stalk cavity
Skin nearly smooth-skinned, easily removable when fully ripe
Colour 100 % dark red to crimson over colour, marbled on shaded side
Fruit flesh intense yellow, slightly reddish around the stone, finely textured, juicy
Taste highly aromatic, spicy
Stone separability partial freestone
Storage good, the flavour is maintained well as the acidity in the fruit dissipates


Vigour medium strong with dominant central leader
Crop load medium to ideal, regular


Highly recommendable yellow-fleshed, mid-season peach, that stands out because of its smooth skin, well coloured, large fruits and exceptional taste. The fruits also colour well in the shade with almost 100 % crimson over colour.
The susceptibility to winter frost is low. Because of the deep stalk cavity this variety has a tendency to rupture during picking when fully ripe.

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