Trademark: VISTARICH 

Variety: Zainobe (S)

Species: Prunus persica


Breeder, Place Floyd Zaiger, California, USA
Intellectual property Artevos, Germany
Type, Selection clone INFEL 6674
Property rights registered for EU plant variety rights and trademark


Blooming date, -intensity medium early blossom period, medium density
Fertility self-fertile
Flower shape rose shape
Frost susceptibility medium to strong susceptibility of flower buds to winter frost


Ripening time medium, 7. peach week, 3-6 days after 'Redhaven'
Scale, shape large to very large, rounded, limited suture, deep stalk cavity
Skin slightly velutinous
Colour 100 % dark red to purple over colour
Fruit flesh intense yellow, slightly reddish around the stone, tender melting, very juicy
Taste very spicy with balanced acidity
Stone separability freestone
Storage good


Vigour strong, upright with a dominant central leader and a dense tree crown, weaker side wood, tends to have blind wood, especially in the case of light deficiency
Crop load medium crop load


Attractive yellow-fleshed mid-season peach. The fruits stand out because of their smooth skin and good flavour. The higher susceptibility to winter frost of the flower buds should be taken into account when choosing the right site. In summers with high sun radiation, summer pruning should not be performed as the fruits have a tendency to get sunburn.

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