Variety: Ferbleue

Species: Prunus domestica


Breeder, Place INRA, France
Parents Green Gage x California Blue, 1983
Property rights free variety


Blooming date late
Fertility self-sterile
Pollinator Reine Claude de Bavay, Nancymirabelle, Hanita (S), TOPTASTE ™ Kulinaria (S), Topper (S), Top (S), Fellenberg, Hauszwetschgen-Typen


Ripening time medium late to late, maturity date of 'Hauszwetschge'
Scale, shape medium large to large, 45 g, rounded, slightly flat shaped
Colour even dark blue with pronounced lenticels all over the skin, bloom, without russetting
Fruit flesh amber coloured, firm, very juicy
Taste very aromatic-sweet with high sugar content, without acid in the skin
Cracking sensitivity very low to low, only after heavy rainfall tendency to crack in the stalk cavity when highly ripe
Stone separability moderate, stone tends to stick to the flesh
Plum pox under examination
Storage good


Vigour medium to strong, tends to spreading, cropping branches tend to bend down, good branching, less tendency to blind wood
Crop load ideal to high, regular production, early bearing, regular spread of fruits, tendency to alternance when overcropping


The highly attractive appearance of shape and colour is a special characteristic of Ferbleue. The very late ripening, large fruits are ideal for fresh eating because of their outstanding flavour. To produce good fruit size and intense taste timely fruit-thinning is strongly recommended. Noteworthy is also the long shelf-life on the tree as well as in storage.


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