Variety: Nancymirabelle

Species: Prunus domestica


Breeder, Place unknown, cultivated in France since 1490, imported to Germany in the middle of the 18th century
Parents unknown
Type, Selection Nr. 1510, Nr. 1725, Nr. 3472: 2-3 days earlier ripening
Synonym Mirabelle aus Nancy, Große Mirabelle, Doppelte Mirabelle
Property rights free variety


Blooming date medium late to late
Fertility self-fertile, very good pollinator


Ripening time medium, 7.-8. plum week
Scale, shape 24-28 mm, 8-12 g, more or less round
Colour yellow to golden, on sunny side red speckled to purple
Fruit flesh golden at full maturity, medium firm to firm, juicy
Taste sweet aromatic with a high sugar content
Cracking sensitivity low to medium
Stone separability freestone
Plum pox tolerant
Storage good


Vigour strong growing, spreading at mature stage
Crop load modest in the early years, at maturity high and regular


A timeless classic among the mirabelle plums. Because of its wide distribution in Central Europe it is very popular. The attractive and tasty fruits are widely known as dessert fruit. The trees of Nancymirabelle are strong growing which makes harvesting more expensive. Therefore mechanical harvesting is a solution especially when the fruit can be used for preserves and liqueurs.
The selection Nr. 3472 shows 2-3 days of earlier ripening and slightly more coloured fruits.

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