Variety: Reine Claude Souffriau

Species: Prunus domestica


Breeder, Place Belgium
Property rights free variety


Blooming date medium early to medium, ideal to high blossom density
Fertility under examination


Ripening time early, 5. plum week, shortly before ‘Oullins Reneklode’
Scale, shape medium to large, 55–60 mm, more or less round, very limited suture
Colour uniformly coloured blue, heavy bloom
Fruit flesh yellow-orange, amber when fully ripe, pleasant fine-cell texture, very juicy, firmer skin with fine acidity
Taste at the first pick spicy-aromatic, with increasing maturity full-bodied taste
Cracking sensitivity very low
Stone separability small stone tends to stick to the flesh
Plum pox under examination
Storage for an early variety very good


Vigour medium strong, semi upright to spreading, fruiting branches tilting, well garnished and branched, less tendency to blind wood, medium green leaf, not clossy
Crop load early setting, ideal to high, fruits hang uniformly dense with a slight tendency to form clusters, thorough and timely fruit thinning required to achieve good fruit size and excellent aroma


Reine Claude Souffriau is an old variety with a very attractive exterior and highly aromatic fruits.
The early ripening time of this highly interesting fruits, ripening just before ‘Oullins Reneklode’, opens the gage season in our range and thus expands the diversity of offers from direct marketers.

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