Variety: Cacaks Fruchtbare

Species: Prunus domestica


Breeder, Place Institut Cacak, Serbia
Parents Stanley x Pozegaca (Hauszwetschge), 1961
Synonym Cacanska rodna
Property rights free variety


Blooming date medium
Fertility self-fertile


Ripening time medium late, 8. plum week
Scale, shape medium, >35 mm, 30-45 g, ellipsoid
Colour purple blue with dark blue bloom
Fruit flesh greenish yellow, firm, juicy
Taste aromatic and sweet at ideal crop load, too high crop load leads to poor flavour
Cracking sensitivity low
Stone separability freestone
Plum pox high to very high susceptibility, if there is a high infestation the tree ages fast, early fruit fall and fruit deformation is possible
Storage possible for 2 weeks, very easy transport


Vigour medium strong, at mature stage harmonious growth, good branching
Crop load high yielding variety, a weak growing rootstock is only suitable for best soils


Cacaks Fruchtbare is well known for its good baking characteristics and therefore is widely planted in orchards. This high yielding variety allows for high picking rates, but a thorough fruit-thinning is necessary to prevent biennial bearing. Important to mention is the high susceptibility to Plum Plox Virus of this variety.

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