Variety: Fellenberg

Species: Prunus domestica


Breeder, Place found in Lombardy (Italy) in 1800, imported by Mr. P.E. von Fellenberg to Germany
Parents chance seedling
Type, Selection from north Germany: type 'Köpke', type 'Hauschild'
  from Italy: type 'Richards Early' (round about 1 week earlier ripening)
Synonym Italienische Zwetschge, Doppelte Zwetschge
Property rights free variety


Blooming date medium late
Fertility partially self-fertile, very susceptible to cold and wet weather conditions during blooming time
Pollinator Topfive (S), Felsina, Auerbacher, Cacaks Fruchtbare, Topper (S), Top (S), TOPTASTE ™ Kulinaria (S), Hauszwetschgen-Typen


Ripening time medium late, 8.-9. plum week
Scale, shape medium, 33-36 mm, 28-35 g, ellipsoid
Colour dark blue skin with purple bloom
Fruit flesh yellow, at full maturity golden, firm, juicy
Taste very good, aromatic-spicy with high sugar contents
Cracking sensitivity medium to high
Stone separability freestone
Plum pox highly susceptible
Storage good, travels well


Vigour medium strong, drooping
Crop load medium to high, irregular, long fruit wood should stay when pruning, in dry summer periods a strong fruit drop is possible


This late-ripening variety has outstanding internal and external fruit qualities. Because of its exceptional flavour it is especially suitable for direct marketing. The crop load is only sufficient when planted in cooler sites with good water supply. Fellenberg is not suitable for sites with a high risk of Plum Pox infection.


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