Variety: Herman

Species: Prunus domestica


Breeder, Place Research station Balsgard, Sweden, published 1974
Parents The Czar x Ruth Gerstetter
Property rights free variety


Blooming date medium late
Fertility self-fertile


Ripening time early, 2. plum week, just after 'Ruth Gerstetter', tends to early fruit-drop
Scale, shape medium to large, globose
Colour blue to dark blue, heavy bloom, slightly reddish on shaded side
Fruit flesh green to pale yellow, firm, very juicy
Taste medium to good, sweet-sourish
Stone separability freestone
Plum pox tolerant


Vigour medium to strong habit, semi-upright to spreading, sparsely branching in the nursery
Crop load from an early age high and regular, pruning of fruit wood and fruit-thinning is necessary for maintaining good fruit size


This variety ripens shortly after 'Ruth Gerstetter'. The fruit has good baking qualities, but when planted in early sites it can also be marketed for fresh eating. For achieving good aroma more than one pick is necessary. At to high crop load flat taste and biennial bearing is possible.


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