Rootstock with reduced growth that grows evenly and robust.

Novelty! Introduced in 2018. No long-term experience. Positive experiences in both national and international testing sites since 2013.


70% compared to Myrobalane


Dr. Michael Neumüller,Technische Universität München-Weihenstephan and Bayerisches Obstzentrum Hallbergmoos, Germany


Crossing of European Plum and blackthorn (Prunus domestica x Prunus spinosa) with one parent being completely resistant to Plum Pox Virus


DOSPINA™ 235 is always free of Plum Pox Virus, because newly infected cells die immediately. This means that the virus is not able to spread within the plant. The resistance is based on hypersensitive reaction.

Rootstock with a medium strong growth. The stocks are uniform due to the vegetative in vitro reproduction. Yields are regular and high with good fruit size. The rootstock promotes fruit size in the grafted varieties. Root suckers attracted only minor attention. The hypersensitive varieties MONI™ WEI 5319 (S), Jojo (S) and JOFELA™ HOH 7346 (S) stay long-time free of Plum Pox Virus when grafted on DOSPINA™ 235. Has shown good compatibility with species of Prunus domestica and Prunus salicina so far.


2,5 - 3 m x 3,5 - 4,5 m


No final evaluation of the suitability in terms of different climate or soils possible yet. There have been consistently positive evaluations in testing sites on various soils and climates to date.

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