Sour cherry

Variety: Heimanns Rubin

Species: Prunus cerasus


Breeder, Place selection of an old variety, origin in the middle of Europe
Type, Selection HR 4: in Rheinhessen selected
Property rights free variety


Blooming date medium early, long blossom period, not susceptible to chilly weather conditions
Fertility self-fertile, good pollinator


Ripening time 5. cherry week
Scale, shape 23-26 mm, obloid
Colour brownish red
Fruit flesh dark red, soft to medium firm, very juicy, juice heavily stained
Taste aromatic-sourish
Cracking sensitivity low
Stalk detachment very good, dry removing


Vigour medium strong, upright with good branching, less blind wood production
Crop load from an early age high and regular


The commercial value of this variety is high because of its early ripening time, high versatility and suitability for mechanical harvest. The susceptibility to Monilia is average. Heimans Rubin should be planted on very dry and warm sites, because of its susceptibility to bacterial canker infection in cool and humid areas.

The sensitivity to the Stecklenberger disease of cherry (PNRSV) must be taken into account when selecting the location.

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