Sour cherry

Variety: Lövöpetri (S)

Species: Prunus cerasus


Breeder, Place chance seedling of Fernec Szöke fom Lövöpetri, Hungary
Intellectual property Artevos, Germany
Synonym Petri
Property rights registered for EU plant variety rights


Blooming date medium late
Fertility self-fertile


Ripening time late, at the same time as 'Ungarische Traubige'
Scale, shape 25-27 mm, 7-9 g, kidney-shaped
Colour red to dark red, shiny
Fruit flesh dark red, medium firm to firm, Durofel pressure 25: 38-40, very juicy
Taste spicy with balanced acidity
Cracking sensitivity low
Stalk detachment good, dry removal when fully ripe


Vigour medium strong, spreading, very good branching, less production of blind wood, shoots bouquet-rich, healthy leaves
Crop load from an early age regular high yield, fruits are arranged like a string of pearls


Lövöpetri (S) is well suited for mechanical harvesting due to its suitable even tree shape. Because of the large, firm fruits and aromatic taste Lövöpetri (S) is ideal for the fresh market. The yield decreases with increasing growth. Stronger growing rootstocks should only be used on poor soils.

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