Sour cherry

Variety: Olibell (S)

Species: Prunus cerasus


Breeder, Place Institut Újfehértói Kutató Intézet, Hungary
Intellectual property Artevos, Germany
Synonym SKD
Property rights application for EU plant variety rights


Blooming date medium to medium late, just before 'Lövöpetri (S)'
Fertility self-fertile


Ripening time late, same time as 'Ungarische Traubige' and 'Lövöpetri (S)'
Scale, shape 25-27 mm, 7-9 g, kidney-shaped, medium long stalk with leaves
Colour dark red, shiny
Fruit flesh dark red, medium firm to firm (38-40 Durofel pressure), very juicy, medium strong tinctorial, medium large and easy removing stone
Taste spicy flavoured flesh with fine sourness
Cracking sensitivity low
Stalk detachment good, stalk abcission is dry and non infectious


Vigour medium strong to strong, widely spread, very good ramifying, no tendency to blind wood, shoots bouquet-rich, dark green and healthy leaves
Crop load From an early age regular high yields. Regular dense spread of fruits without tendency to clusters.


Olibell (S) is a new sour cherry variety in the late ripening range. The fruits can be used for processing and fresh eating.

This sour cherry, which ripens shortly before 'Schattenmorelle', has a high to very high flowering density and tends to flower slightly earlier than its sister variety 'Lövöpetri (S)'. The very harmonious, spreading tree structure without tendency to blind wood is characteristic of
Olibell (S). The early and regularly high yields in combination with very good fruit qualities ensure the economic viability of this new variety. The good tree and foliage health convinces also.

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