Sour cherry

Variety: Turmalin (S)

Species: Prunus cerasus


Breeder, Place Mirko Schuster, Brigitte Wolfram, Julius Kühn-Institut, Dresden-Pillnitz, Germany
Intellectual property Artevos, Germany
Parents Kelleris 16 X (Koröser x Schattenmorelle)
Crossing number Pi-Sa 13.122
Synonym formerly Coralin (S)
Property rights registered for EU plant variety rights


Blooming date late to very late, very high blossom density, not susceptible to chilly weather conditions
Fertility self-fertile


Ripening time 5. cherry week
Scale, shape 23-25 mm, 6-7 g, globose, medium long, green stalk with a few typical leaves for sour cherries
Colour dark to black red
Fruit flesh dark red, soft to medium firm (Durofel pressure 25: 33-37), very juicy, heavily stained juice
Taste spicy-aromatic with emphasized acidity, 15-16 Brix on average
Cracking sensitivity very low
Stalk detachment easy removal without damages


Vigour weak to medium strong, spreading to hanging, moderate branched, stronger tendency to blind wood, dark green and healthy leaves
Crop load early setting, fruiting on one year old branches, ideal to high, in some years very high, fruits are hanging regular dense


The very high-yielding and extremely stable sour cherry variety Turmalin (S) is particularly recommended for commercial cultivation for industrial processing (juice, preserves) due to its very high acid potential.
As the fruits detach dry from the stalk, this variety is well suited for mechanical harvest.
Turmalin (S) is characterized by very good leaf health and tree robustness, thus this variety can also be recommended for organic cultivation.


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