Sour cherry

Variety: Ungarische Traubige

Species: Prunus cerasus


Breeder, Place chance seedling from research station Újfehértó, Hungary, 1961
Type, Selection selection Kindelbrück (more regular crop load)
Synonym Újfehértoi fürtös
Property rights free variety


Blooming date medium late
Fertility partly self-fertile, the variety needs warm weather conditions during blossom and a protected site
Pollinator Morellenfeuer, Kantorjanosi 3, Lövöpetri (S), Schattenmorelle


Ripening time 6.-7. cherry week, long harvest period, 3-5 days before 'Schattenmorelle'
Scale, shape 22-25 mm, 5-7 g, obloid, medium to long stalk with a lot of small leaves
Colour medium to dark red
Fruit flesh dark red, medium firm to firm, Durofel pressure 25: 38-42, juicy, staining
Taste aromatic, tasty, sweet-sourish, acidity relatively low
Cracking sensitivity low
Stalk detachment good, dry removable
Storage good


Vigour medium strong to strong, upright, good branching, no blind wood, dark green shiny foliage
Crop load good, fruiting on one year and perennial wood, very good productivity on pendulous branches


One of the most important varieties for mechanical harvesting and also very useful for preserve, frozen food or further industrial processing purposes. Aromatic taste and low acidity makes it suitable for the fresh market. Interesting characteristics of the fruits are high firmness of the flesh and good, dry healing of the stalk. Ungarische Traubige is a main variety in Hungary. This cultivar prefers warm and protected sites. Further studies conclude, that with increasing growth the crop load decreases. Because of that, for regular high yields the rootstock choice should be adapted to the sites conditions. Ungarische Traubige is less sensitive to Monilia disease and Stecklenberger disease (PNRSV) of cherry.

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