Sweet cherry

Trademark: CERASINA ™

Varierty: Prim 1.9 (S)

Species: Prunus avium


Breeder, Place Peter Stoppel, Kressbronn/Bodensee, Germany
Intellectual property CERASINA GmbH
Crossing number D 131
Property rights application for EU plant variety rights, registered for EU trademark


Blooming date early
Fertility self-sterile
S-allele, sterility group S1 S9, group 18
Pollinator Nimba (S), Souvenir des Charmes, Burlat, CERASINA ™ Prim 2.1 (S), CERASINA ™ Prim 3.1 (S), ADELISE ™ Masdel, SAMBA ™ Sumste (S), Christiana (S), Vanda (S), Fertille (S), SATIN ™ Sumele (S), SWEETHEART ™ Sumtare (S), KIR ROSSO ™ KSG 03 A (S)
Incompatible with EARLISE ™ Rivedel, BELLISE ™ Bedel, CERASINA ™ Prim 2.3 (S), EARLY RED ™ Maraly (S), Tamara (S)


Ripening time early, 2. cherry week, 1 day before CERASINA ™ Prim 2.3 (S)
Scale, shape large to very large, + 30/32 mm, widely kidney-shaped, slightly edged, plane stalk cavity, pistil point is clearly visible; short, fleshy and green stalk
Colour dark red, clearly marbeled, high ripe black red and shiny
Fruit flesh just before maturity pink red, with increasing maturity dark red, very firm, crunchy and juicy
Taste aromatic with fine acidity, at full maturity well balanced sugar to acid ratio
Cracking sensitivity at the stalk cavity low, very sensitive at the pistil point, in juvenile phase higher susceptibility to rain-induced cracking


Vigour medium to strong, semi upright, less spreading, tends to apical dominance, good ramifying with fruit-bearing wood, the typical habit is ideal for Spanish Bush or UFO training system, dark green foliage
Crop load retarding cropping, ideal to high yield from the 4. year onwards, fruits hang very densely an tend to clusters


New sweet cherry variety that convinces with a very good firmness, very good fruit size and appearance as well as full-bodied taste in the early ripening period.
Variety recommendation for protected cultivation only.

This variety is offered by the breeder in a club system. A minimum area per grower of 0.5 ha is specified. For further contract conditions please contact the breeder.

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