Sweet cherry

Trademark: BELLISE ™

Variety: Bedel

Species: Prunus avium


Breeder, Place P. Argot, France
Intellectual property Georges Delbard, France
Parents Starking Hardy Giant x Burlat
Crossing number clone INFEL 3821
Property rights registered for EU trademark


Blooming date early
Fertility self-sterile
S-allele, sterility group S1 S9, group 18
Pollinator Nimba (S), Souvenir des Charmes, Burlat, CERASINA ™ Prim 2.1 (S), CERASINA ™ Prim 3.1 (S), ADELISE ™ Masdel, Fertille (S), SAMBA ™ Sumste (S), Christiana (S), Vanda (S), SATIN ™ Sumele (S), Aida (S), SWEETHEART ™ Sumtare (S), KIR ROSSO ™ KSG 03 A (S)
Incompatible with CERASINA ™ Prim 2.3 (S), EARLY RED ™ Maraly (S), Tamara (S)


Ripening time early, 2.-3. cherry week, 5 days after 'Burlat'
Scale, shape large, 28-30 mm, 10-12 g, kidney-shaped, short to medium long stalk
Colour medium red, clearly marbled, glossy
Fruit flesh pink red to dark red, medium firm, Durofel pressure 25: 65-70, juicy
Taste sweet aromatic, well flavoured before being fully ripe
Cracking sensitivity medium, higher when a light crop


Vigour medium strong, semi-upright, good even branching, harmonious growth
Crop load high to very high, tendency to smaller fruit size on older wood


An aromatic early ripening variety with regular high yield and at the same time good fruit size. Popular for direct on farm sales for its attractive outer appearance and potential high price.

Like in all early sweet cherry varieties strict stronger pruning prevents over cropping. The vitality of the trees supports the fruit quality regarding size, firmness and taste. It also encourages the early ripening of the fruits.

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