Sweet cherry

Trademark: KIR LAMOUR ™

Variety: KSG 24 A (S)

Species: Prunus avium


Breeder, Place Hilmar Gräb, Kettig, Germany
Intellectual property LFP Licenses for Fruits and Plants GmbH, Bassenheim, Germany
Parents open pollination from SWEETHEART ™ Sumtare (S)
Crossing number Kirsche 2004 R 16 B 106
Property rights application for EU plant variety rights, EU trademark


Blooming date medium-early to medium, ideal to high, in some years very high
Fertility self-fertile
S-allele, sterility group S3 S4', group SC


Ripening time 8.-9. cherry week
Scale, shape Ø 30 mm, 13-14 g, widely kidney-shaped with a medium long, robust, green stalk
Colour carmine red and shiny at full maturity
Fruit flesh firm, fleshy texture, very juicy, at full maturity Durofel pressure 25: 73-75
Taste Extraordinary, sweet aromatic taste. The melting, full-bodied feeling is especially highlighted by the fruit texture. The sugar levels during the examination period were always between 19-20 Brix.
Cracking sensitivity low to medium, pistil point is always closed, sensitive at the stalk cavity
Storage very good


Vigour very compact and slow growing, spur type, very good fruit-wood production, healthy, dark green foliage, the rootstock GiSelA ™ 5 is only suitable for the best soils, for planting on lighter soils and replanting a stronger growing rootstock should be used
Training A higher effort in pruning is needed if you want to achieve the central leader system. This variety is more qualified for training systems like Spanish Bush or UFO because of its growth habit.
Health The susceptibility to Pseudomonas is comparable to the mother variety SWEETHEART ™ Sumtare (S).
Crop load over the years all the time ideal to high


This cherry-highlight with an extended harvest period impresses with extraordinary fruit qualities: self-fertility, maturity time, fruit size, intense flavour with melting texture, good cracking resistance, yield security as well as very good storability and shelf-life. Due to the very high blossom load in the middle of the blooming season KIR LAMOUR ™ is suitable as a pollinator for many varieties.

Because of the spur type growth the trees develop almost no premature shoots. Therefore we produce only whips or two year old bush trees.

If you are interested to plant KIR™-varieties outside of the Netherlands, Austria and Germany we need the authorisation of the licence holder LFP GmbH.

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