Sweet cherry

Trademark: KIR VULCANO ™

Variety: KSG 16 A (S)

Species: Prunus avium


Breeder, Place Hilmar Gräb, Kettig, Germany
Intellectual property LFP Licenses for Fruits and Plants GmbH, Bassenheim, Germany
Parents open pollination from SWEETHEART ™ Sumtare (S)
Crossing number Kirsche 2004 R 13 B 187
Property rights application for EU plant variety rights, EU trademark


Blooming date late to very late, ideal to high
Fertility self-sterile
S-allele, sterility group S3 S4, group 3
Pollinator Carmen (S), PAPILLON ™ Pillangó (S), STARDUST ™ 13 N 07-70 (S), Irena (S), Henriette (S), Rubin, Regina, Otto (S), CERASINA ™ Final 12.1 (S)


Ripening time 6.-7. cherry week
Scale, shape 28-32 mm, 12-14 g, very nice heart-shape with medium long to long stalk
Colour purple to black red, very shiny
Fruit flesh black red, strong tinctorial, very firm (Durofel pressure 25: 80-82) and crisp, very juicy
Taste sustainable spicy aromatic with a fine acidity (17-19 Brix), also high ripe fruits do not lose their outstanding flavour
Cracking sensitivity low to medium in the stalk cavity, pistil point not sensitive
Storage very good


Vigour The habit of this medium strong growing sweet cherry is similar to 'Kordia'. The pendulous branches are typical for this selection. With appropriate pruning the vegetative growth is promoted and prevents production of blind wood. Unusual is the very late sprouting in spring.
Health The susceptibility to Pseudomonas is comparable with the mother variety SWEETHEART ™ Sumtare (S).
Crop load From the beginning this selection shows a very regular production with an optimal crop without any overproduction.


Very attractive fruits with refreshing, fruity flavour, extraordinary texture and very good storability. Due to the medium long to long stalks KIR VULCANO ™ allows for a very high picking rate.

If you are interested to plant KIR™-varieties outside of the Netherlands, Austria and Germany we need the authorisation of the licence holder LFP GmbH.

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