Sweet cherry


Variety: Rubin

Species: Prunus avium


Breeder, Place breeding station of Bistrita, Romania
Parents Hedelfinger x Germersdorfer
Property rights free variety


Blooming date late
Fertility self-sterile
S-allele, sterility group S3 S12, group 22
Pollinator Carmen (S), PAPILLON™ Pillangó (S), STARDUST™ 13 N 07-70 (S), Kordia, Henriette (S), Areko (S), Irena (S), KIR VULCANO™ KSG 16 A (S), Regina, KIR LAMOUR™ KSG 24  A  (S), CERASINA™ Final 12.1 (S)
Incompatible with Schneiders späte Knorpel, Klara (S)


Ripening time medium late, 6.-7. cherry week
Scale, shape large, 28-30 mm, 10-12 g, oblong heart-shaped with apex, very long stalk
Colour dark to black red at full maturity, shiny
Fruit flesh medium firm to firm, Durofel pressure 25: 70-75, finely textured, juicy
Taste spicy-aromatic
Cracking sensitivity medium
Storability good


Vigor medium strong, semi-upright and pendulous fruit-wood, tends to produce blind wood
Crop load high and regular


The variety Rubin achieves good fruits size as well as high yields. The medium firm, large fruits are easy to pick because of their very long stalks and even distribution on the tree. Because of the late flowering period Rubin is recommended as pollinator for 'Regina'. Due to the susceptibility of the wood and flowers to frost damage and the increased tendency to Pseudomonas infection only appropriate sites should be chosen. The fruits can soften rapidly in high temperatures during harvest time.


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