Sweet cherry

Trademark: STARBLUSH ™

Variety: SPC 207 (S)

Species: Prunus avium


Breeder, Place Summerland, British Columbia, Canada
Intellectual property PICO, Canada
Parents Stella x 2 S 84-10
Crossing number 13 N 10-09
Property rights registered for EU plant variety rights and trademark


Blooming date medium
Fertility self-fertile
S-allele, sterility group S3 S4', group SC


Ripening time medium, 4.-5. cherry week
Scale, shape at ideal crop load 28-30 mm, 11-13 g, heart-shaped without apex, medium long stalk
Colour blushed cherry, at the first pick purple on sunny side, at full maturity medium red
Fruit flesh cream white, firm, Durofel pressure 25: 75-80, juicy
Taste spicy-aromatic, slightly sourish, with increasing maturity sweeter
Cracking sensitivity medium
Storage good


Vigour medium strong, semi-upright, good branching
Crop load high and regular


Blushed, self-fertile variety with yield security, good firmness and attractive appearance. STARBLUSH ™ SPC 207 (S) has larger fruits and higher resistance to bruises through wind damage than the variety 'Rainier' which ripens at the same time.

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