Sweet cherry

Trademark: STARDUST ™

Variety: 13 N 07-70 (S)

Species: Prunus avium


Breeder, Place Summerland, British Columbia, Canada
Intellectual property PICO, Canada
Parents 2 N 63-20 x Stella, 1976 cross-breed
Crossing number 13 N 07-70
Property rights registered for EU plant variety rights and trademark


Blooming date late
Fertility self-fertile
S-allele, sterility group S1 S4', group SC


Ripening time medium late, 6. cherry week
Scale, shape large, 28-30 mm, 10-12 g, rounded to heart-shaped without apex, medium to long stalk
Colour blushed cherry, yellow ground colour and red speckled over colour
Fruit flesh firm, Durofel pressure 25: 73-78, very juicy
Taste sweetish, spicy without any bitterness
Cracking sensitivity medium to high


Vigour medium strong, widely spreading, good tree structure with horizontal branches, healthy leaves
Crop load very high and regular


Delicious and firm fruit. Despite the very high crop load, good fruit size is possible. This late ripening, self-fertile variety is a good pollinator for all late flowering varieties. Like most of the blushed varieties the fruits tend to be sensitive to bruising through wind damage.

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