MAXMA DELBARD ™ 60 Broksec

Strong growing rootstock which is suitable for replanting



80% compared to Prunus avium


Oregon, USA


Prunus mahaleb x Prunus avium


Strong to very strong growth with good branching. Starts to crop later than GiSelA ™-rootstocks. MAXMA DELBARD ™ 60 Broksec is a slightly weaker growing addition to classic strong rootstocks. It has good fruit qualities in mature phase. Because of the genetic lineage it is also proven in replanting. Mostly used for sour cherry and sweet cherry trees that are meant to be mechanically shaken for harvesting.


4 - 4,5 m x 4,5 - 6 m


Well suitable for dry, warm sites e.g. sandy soils. On good soils similarly strong growing as Prunus avium. Good frost hardiness and tolerance to chlorosis. According to french statements also suitable for heavy soils with a tendency for stagnant moisture.

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