GiSelA ™ 3 Gi2091 (S)

Rootstock for highly intensive cultivation

More information:


30 - 40% compared to Prunus avium


Prof. Gruppe and Schmidt, Gießen, Germany, 1981

Intellectual property

Consortium Deutscher Baumschulen GmbH, Germany


Prunus cerasus 'Schattenmorelle' x Prunus canescens


Currently the most dwarfed rootstock for intensive cropping of sweet cherries. Due to the weak growth especially well suited for protected cultivation. With the help of irrigation and fertigation as well as intense care (pruning and training) high yields per hectare are possible with good fruit size and lower picking costs at the same time. Less appropriate for extremely fertile and self-fertile varieties, because overcropping can lead to smaller fruit size. Very well suited for strongly growing varieties like 'Regina'. Crops well from the beginning.


1,5 - 2 m x 3 - 4 m


GiSelA™ 3 has very high demands concerning the site. Only soils with sufficient aeration and irrigation possibility are suitable. Good frost hardiness.

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