GiSelA ™ 6 Gi1481 (S)

High yielding rootstock with reduced growth

More information:


60 - 70% compared to Prunus avium


Prof. Gruppe and Schmidt, Gießen, Germany, 1981

Intellectual property

Consortium Deutscher Baumschulen GmbH, Germany


Prunus cerasus 'Schattenmorelle' x Prunus canescens


Medium strong to strong growth. Regular high crop without downsizing of the fruits. Yields well from the beginning even if the growth is stronger. Also suitable for extremely high-yielding and self-fertile varieties. A scaffold is necessary for this rootstock because it has low lodging resistance when the trees are in mature stage.


2 - 3 m x 4 - 5 m


Cultivation only on good, not too heavy soils without a tendency to stagnant moisture. An additional irrigation is recommended on dry sites. Good frost hardiness.

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