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Bayerisches Obstzentrum GmbH & Co. KG

The Bavarian Center of Pomology and Fruit Breeding breeds premium apple, pear and plum varieties in Hallbergmoos, Germany. It maintains the biggest breeding program for the species of European Plums worldwide, to which “Zwetschen”(prune plums), damsons, gages and mirabelles belong. The new varieties are available for fruit-growers after extensive testing. Most important breeding goals for stone fruit are high fruit quality paired with a reliable high yield and resistance to Plum Pox Virus. More information is available at


CEP INNOVATION is a private company involved in the breeding, the development and the commercialisation of fruit species.

It is constituted from nurserymen involved in certification processes and interested in cultivars and rootstocks innovations.

CEP INNOVATION is directly involved in the experimentation, with a deep-follow-up of the new material by expert commissions, experimenters, licensees and by participation into research and demonstration projects based on the improvement of their activities.

To promote and develop its catalogue of cultivars and rootstocks in France and in foreign countries, CEP INNOVATION is working with a strong network of shareholders and licensors.


COT INTERNATIONAL is a company which selects and commercialises new fruit varieties of apricots, cherries and plums.

The most important selection criteria are:

  • Extension of the variety calendar
  • Improvement of the agronomic characteristics: self-fertility, productivity and regularity of production
  • Easy tree management
  • Optimisation of the storability
  • Resistance and tolerance to unfavourable weather conditions and diseases
  • Intense flavour and well coloured fruits with good size and firmness

The multiplication of trees is carried out by various nurseries certified by COT INTERNATIONAL. All varieties are registered on the official CTPS (Plant Selection Register) and for COV applications (plant variety protection certificate).


BEE stands for breeding programmes and variety testing of apricots, apples and plums in Europe.

The licence management and commercialisation of our varieties take place in whole Europe and the Mediterranean region.

An intensive variety examination is realised on several sites.

Therefore we test the cultivation suitability in different climatic conditions.

The control of international variety and trademark protection is also a part of our activities.

Hochschule Geisenheim University

Pomology - sustainable and productive!

The Department of Pomology is engaged in the study of berries, pomes and drupes.  Our primary objective is the translation of fundamental scientific findings into sustainable production.  Currently our main areas of activity are breeding and breeding research in apples, pears and the berry fruits redcurrants and gooseberries.  Based on our breeding work, we are conducting research into a new cultivation system for columnar apple varieties.  Other key areas are the water balance and irrigation of pomological crops and their yield physiology and quality formation, including those cultivated under cover. In the area of climate-induced changes in cultivation we investigate questions of dormancy in strawberries and spatial modelling of phenological phases such as the start of flowering.

Lizenzen für Früchte und Pflanzen GmbH

LFP (Licences for Fruits and Plants GmbH) was established in 2016 for the commercialisation of the late ripening sweet cherry varieties from the breeding program of Hilmar Gräb.
As the sole legal owner of the varieties LFP works out a globally oriented marketing strategy. Strategies for the particular organisation- and cultivation structures will be developed together with partners.
In 2004 Hilmar Gräb decided to start an own breeding program focused on high quality fruits with a late ripening time. All seedlings from the open pollination of the mother variety SWEETHEART™ Sumtare (S) are fruit-bearing since 2008 and examined after a strict scoring system.
In the meantime the breeding is enlarged to selective pollination and early varieties. 
The most important selection criteria are: late ripening time, fruit size, firmness of the fruit flesh and texture, cracking stability mainly at the pistil point, regular and high productivity without any tendency to overcropping, flavour in combination with high Brix values, tolerance to high temperatures during maturity, tree and leaf healthiness as well as the storage- and transport behaviour.
The most promising selections were applied for EU plant variety rights and registered for trademark.

PSB Producción Vegetal

PSB Producción Vegetal SL is a family business that was established in 1995 by the BUFFAT family in Murcia (South-East of Spain). Our company stands out for being specialised in new stone fruit varieties creation, mainly apricots, peaches and nectarines. We are also stone fruit growers.
Twenty years ago, we decided to develop a program of variety improvement focused on early varieties, with agronomic properties that would allow them to adapt perfectly to the Mediterranean climate, especially in terms of chilling needs.

The success of our early-low chilling varieties has led us to develop a whole range. We have created three type of varieties depending on their harvest period: early, seasonal or late varieties. Our researches focus on the study of self-fertile apricot varieties and stone fruit tolerance to some diseases, such as sharka, monilia and leaf curl.

Our latest researches have led to the recent launch of our range of red skinned apricots called Red Premium™. In addition to developing a highly attractive colour, we took a new direction and worked on taste. We obtained very sweet, surprising flavours with a touch of both berry and exotic fruits.

We are currently working on a range of late apricots with our range Red Buffalo™. For this project, we have made a rigorous selection of self-fertile varieties, easy to work with, which stand out for their juicy flesh and outstanding taste.

We are also developing other promising novelties: a range of red fleshed apricots with unique flavours and a range of yellow skinned nectarines and blood nectarines, both sweet and aromatic with a melting and juicy flesh.

The trustworthy relationship we share with many growers around the world is our main motivation and continues to drive us forward.


Since more than 50 years STAR FRUITS ® is searching the best fruit varieties all over the world, to provide them to fruit growers.

Over the time STAR FRUITS ® created an international network of breeders and has a close cooperation to private breeders, universities and experimental stations to commercialise their varieties. Today, the founding members are 4 in number: Cros Viguier, Toulemonde, Val d‘Or and Veauvy nurseries. By the 1980s, they created Star Export ® whose tree trading activity allowed STAR FRUITS ® to set up early export markets.


The company ViruTherm, which is located in south-west Germany, is specialised on the health maintenance of fruit plants. On the basis of long-standing experience heat therapy has been further developed as an efficient method to eliminate phytoplasmas, bacteria and viruses from infected fruit plants to receive pathogen free plants. Main activities of ViruTherm are:

  • heat therapy
  • marketing of phytoplasma resistant pear rootstocks
  • breeding of phytoplasma resistant apple and pear rootstocks
  • conservation of motherplants for certified pre-basic and basic material with national and EU certification standards and schemes
  • commercialisation of new exclusive plum varieties
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