St. Julien A

Proven rootstock with medium strong to strong growth


75% compared to peach seedling RUBIRA ™


East Malling, GB


selection of origin St. Julien d'Orléans


Medium strong to strong growing rootstock. Yields are high and start medium early. A positive effect of the fruit size is significant in high yielding and lesser growing varieties. Good branching with compact crown. St. Julien A encourages an early cessation of shoot growth.


2 - 2,5 m x 3,5 - 4,5 m


High adaptability to various types of soil. Because of the higher growth rate more poor soils should be preferred. Only limited tolerance to poorly-drained soils. Low susceptibility to chlorosis makes cultivating on sites with high pH level possible. The growth rate is clearly higher on heavy soils. The production of root suckers depends on the type of soil, but is mostly very low.

Reacts sensitively in container culture, therefore losses are possible while overwintering.

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