Japanese Plum

Variety: Catalina

Species: Prunus salicina


Breeder, Place C&O Nursery, USA
Property rights free variety


Blooming date early, very high blossom density
Fertility under examination
Pollinator under examination


Ripening time about 15 days after 'Cacaks Schöne', 3-5 days after 'Crimson Glo (S)'
Scale, shape medium to large, 50-60 mm, rounded, very limited suture
Colour 100 % deep, dark blue colour, at full maturity black blue, less lenticels, heavy bloom
Fruit flesh yellow when fully ripe, very ripe fruits slightly red veined under the fruit skin, finely textured, very juicy, fruit skin firm and sourish
Taste aromatic with a refreshing acidity, light plum note, without bitterness
Cracking sensitivity low
Stone separability good, small stone
Storage good


Vigour medium strong, semi-upright, very good branching, no blind wood, dark green leaves
Crop load from an early age regular and high, timely fruit-thinning is necessary for maintaining good flavour and fruit size


Catalina is an impressive variety with its outstanding black-blue and even colouring. Large fruit size and symmetrically rounded, attractive fruits with a good taste are achievable with thorough fruit-thinning. Noteworthy is the even maturing on the tree.

Sensitivity to ESFY must be considered when choosing a site.


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