Trademark: MONI™

Variety: Wei 5319 (S)

Species: Prunus domestica


Breeder, Place Dr. Michael Neumüller, Technical University Munich and Bavarian Centre of Pomology and Fruit Breeding, Hallbergmoos, Germany
Intellectual property Dr. Michael Neumüller, Bavarian Centre of Pomology and Fruit Breeding, Hallbergmoos, Germany
Property rights application for EU plant variety rights, registered for EU trademark


Blooming date medium early
Fertility under examination
Pollinator Cacaks Schöne, Haroma (S) (according to breeder)


Ripening time medium, 7. plum week, directly after 'Topfive (S)', also in the harvest time of 'TOTASTE™ Kulinaria (S)' and 'Cacaks Fruchtbare'
Scale, shape medium large, 35-38 mm, 36-40 g, ellipsoid
Colour blue to dark blue, heavy bloom
Fruit flesh orange to amber coloured, firm
Taste sweet, aromatic with high brix
Stone separability freestone
Scharka Resistant to plum pox because of hypersensitivity to plum pox virus. It will only be grafted on the equally hypersensitive rootstock DOSPINA™ 235. Therefore the trees have dual protection to plum pox.
Storage storage over several weeks possible


Vigour medium strong, good branching
Crop load high and regular, fruits stay stable on the tree for a long time


Moni™ ripens after 'Cacaks Schöne' and has good internal and external quality characteristics as well as high economic efficiency. The breeder recommends this gourmet plum for its significant plum pox resistance.

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