Trademark: TSUNAMI ™

Variety: EA 5016 (S)

Species: Prunus armeniaca


Breeder, Place Pépinières Escande, Saint-Vite, France
Intellectual property Benoit Escande, Edition, France
Property rights registered for EU plant variety rights and trademark


Blooming date, -intensity early to medium early blossom period, high to very high density
Fertility self-sterile
Pollinator CARMINGO ™ Pricia (S), PINKCOT ™ Cotpy, PINK MARRY ™, CARMINGO ™ Priabel (S), CARMINGO ™ Mediabel (S), Flopria (S), Orangenaprikose, Robada (S), Goldrich, Iziagat (S), Lotte (S), Harogem, ORANGE SUMMER ™ Zaitorde (S)
Frost susceptibility medium susceptibility of flower buds to winter frost


Ripening time very early, about 18 days before 'Orangenaprikose'
Scale, shape medium large, ellipsoid to ovoid, moderate suture
Colour orange ground colour, 30-50 % shiny light red over colour
Fruit flesh orange, finely textured, very juicy
Taste apricot flavour with balanced acidity
Cracking sensitivity medium, tends to crack at the suture
Stone separability freestone
Storage good


Vigour medium to strong, semi upright to spreading with long fruit branches
Crop load from an early age a high yielding variety


TSUNAMI ™ EA 5016 (S) has excellent appearance and outstanding taste. The high susceptibility to winter frost damages of the wood should be taken into account when choosing the right site. The breeder suggests reducing the nitrogen by spreading it as evenly as possible over several applications. In doing so the growth rate of the fruits slows down and therefore the cracking at the suture can be avoided.


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