Sour cherry

Variety: Achat (S)

Species: Prunus cerasus


Breeder, Place Brigitte Wolfram, Dresden-Pillnitz, Germany
Intellectual property Artevos, Germany
Parents Köröser x Klon 240 (Fanal x Morellenfeuer), in trade since 2004
Crossing number Pi-Sa 5,55
Property rights registered for German plant variety rights


Blooming date medium early
Fertility self-fertile


Ripening time 4.-5. cherry week, long harvest period
Scale, shape 25-27 mm, 8-9 g, wide kidney-shaped, medium long stalk with a few typical leaves for sour cherries
Colour dark red, turning black red when fully ripe, glossy skin
Fruit flesh black red, medium firm, Durofel pressure 25: 35-38, very juicy
Taste aromatic taste with balanced sugar-acid ratio
Cracking sensitivity low
Stalk detachment moderate, easy removal without damages when fully ripe


Vigour strong growth, dense and widely spreading tree with strong lateral shoots, good branching habit, prune and train like a sweet cherry
Crop load medium to good, mostly fruiting on perennial bouquet spur


Achat (S) is suitable for direct marketing as well as for the fresh market. This sour cherry forms a very dense crown, the fruits are slightly hidden under the foliage. Because of the high stalk retention it is not suited for mechanical harvesting. Achat (S) has a strong growth and as a consequence it is advisable to use less vigorous rootstocks.


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