Variety: Top (S)

Species: Prunus domestica


Breeder, Place Prof. Dr. Helmut Jacob, Research Institute Geisenheim, Germany
Intellectual property Hochschule Geisenheim University, Germany
Parents Auerbacher x Stanley, commercially available since 1993
Crossing number P 3-92-1985
Synonym Geisenheimer Spätzwetschge Top
Property rights registered for German plant variety rights


Blooming date medium late, robust blossom
Fertility self-fertile


Ripening time medium late, 8.-9. plum week
Scale, shape medium to large, Ø 36 mm, ellipsoid
Colour intense dark blue with heavy bloom
Fruit flesh intense yellow to amber
Taste moderate taste, mealy when overripe
Cracking sensitivity medium
Stone separability freestone
Plum pox tolerant
Storage good storage if prematurely harvested


Vigour in the first years strong, at mature stage medium, tends to have blind wood
Crop load from an early age very high and regular crop load


The very attractive fruits of this medium late ripening variety have good baking qualities even when premature. Top (S) yields high and regular and is not prone to biennial bearing. This secures a consistent supply for wholesale in this late ripening period. On dry sites there is a tendency to grainy flesh around the stone. The susceptibility to bacterial canker and Valsa infection should be taken into account when choosing the right site.


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