Variety: Hauszwetschge

Species: Prunus domestica


Breeder, Place unknown, spread in Germany since 17th century
Parents unknown
Typen, Selection type 'Meschenmoser' - early ripening clone, 9. plum week, 32-35 mm, 25-30 g, medium crop load
  type 'Schüfer' - maturity date 10. plum week, very good fruit quality, regular crop, less overcropping
  type 'Wolff' - maturity date 10. plum week, ideal high crop load, 28-32 mm, 18-23 g
  type 'Etscheid' - late ripening clone, 11. plum week with very good fruit quality and high yield, 32-35 mm, 25-30 g
  type 'zum Felde' - late ripening clone, 11. plum week, medium to good crop load
Synonym Bauernpflaume, Hauspflaume, Basler Zwetsche
Property rights free variety


Fruit late, susceptible to cold and wet weather conditions before and during blossom
Fertility self-fertile


Ripening time medium late to late, 9.-11. plum week
Scale, shape medium large fruits, ellipsoid
Colour blue to dark blue, heavy bloom
Fruit flesh golden, at full maturity amber coloured, firm, juicy
Taste excellent spicy flavour with high sugar content
Cracking sensitivity low to medium
Stone separability freestone
Plum pox extremely susceptible
Storage good shelf life and easy transport


Vigour medium strong to strong, at mature stage widely spreading
Crop load medium to high, sometimes uneven crop load, which can delay the start of harvest, tends to biennial bearing, first yields start after juvenile phase


A late ripening group of plum varieties with outstanding inner qualities and versatile use (fresh eating, baking industry, distillery, dried plums). They are very well known because of their high adaptability to different soils and climates. In some years there can be neck shrivel.

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