Variety: Sampo

Species: Sambucus nigra


Breeder, Place Departement of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University Copenhagen, Copenhagen and Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture, Aarhus University, AU Aarslev, Denmark


Blooming date end of May/beginning of June
Fertility self-fertile


Ripening time end of July to mid of August
Scale large, rounded berries, medium large flower heads
Colour shiny blue black, medium anthocyanin content
Utilisation flower heads for extract, fruits for juice making and suitable for other processing products


Vigour weak to medium strong
Crop load high and regular, even ripening


Weak to medium strong growing variety with regular high yield and an early ripening time. This variety is suitable for lots of different purposes because of its good flavour. The wood is more sensitive to winter frost in the juvenile phase, very cold sites should be avoided to prevent damage.


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