Sour cherry

Variety: Morellenfeuer

Species: Prunus cerasus


Breeder, Place D. T. Paulsen in Kvistgaard/Seeland, Denmark
Parents open pollination of seedling 'Ostheimer Weichsel' x 'Früheste von Mark', father variety perhaps 'Königin Hortense', 1945
Synonym Kelleriis 16
Property rights free variety


Blooming date early to medium early, low susceptibility to blossom frost
Fertility self-fertile


Ripening time 4.-5. cherry week, 10 days before 'Schattenmorelle'
Scale, shape 22-24 mm, 6-7 g, rounded to obloid, medium long stalk with lots of small leaves
Colour dark to brownish red
Fruit flesh medium firm, juicy, juice strongly stained
Taste very aromatic when fully ripe, less acidic
Cracking sensitivity moderate
Stalk detachment difficult to remove, mechanical harvesting is only possible when fully ripe


Vigour medium strong, growth rate decreases when tree matures, semi-upright, dense tree, wood can be brittle
Crop load high and regular crop load


Morellenfeuer is a variety that yields well and ripens evenly. Because of its taste the fruits are well suited for the fresh market and further processing. This variety has a low acidity content and therefore is not recommended for juicemaking.

The higher susceptibility to monilia must be taken into account.

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